We are here to serve you… Our diversified and tailor-made services ready to serve Households, Businesses and Utility segments. We offer our services through well-planned methodologies:



When designing and engineering any new project, whether a small or a big one, we involve the local and global communities for environmental assessments. We are essentially guests on the sites at this stage, so our aim is to establish and maintain good relationships with landowners. We can rightfully boast experience in all facets of multi megawatt renewable energy power installation development: From site control and entitlements all the way through to interconnection and long-term operations and maintenance. We also work closely with the local and legal authorities to secure the necessary leases, planning and grid connection permits.

Our methodology includes:

  • Establishment of basic conditions.
  • Completing the “Project Concept” development.
  • Establishment and evaluation of basic conditions.
  • Design planning for examining feasibility and creation of alternative approaches.
  • 3D model of the project.
  • Soil Test & Geotechnical Studies
  • Energy yield calculation.
  • Creation of: Documents financing, economic and energy yield assessments and recommended price offer.



Our methodology involves the below stages:

  • Identifying the sites for solar, energy storage and transmission as well as mapping land use and grid connection.
  • Establishing relationships with local and global landowners for access and resource measurement.
  • Project planning, including optimization of resources, mechanical and electrical engineering while balancing environmental, economic and social concerns.
  • Managing the entire process, from planning and consent to full permissions.
  • Negotiating with utility providers on electrical offtake, connection and transmission agreements.
  • Creation of planning and documentation as well as technical data sheets, etc.
  • Energy yield-optimized planning for power plants.
  • Creation of implementation and detail plans.
  • Energy provider approval documents.
  • Health and safety plans.
  • Detailed construction schedules.
  • Call for bids and commissioning of all services.
  • Detailed Single Line Diagram Drawings.
  • Detailed System Performance Simulation.



Our comprehensive solutions and systems are perfect for the contractor competing for a bid or the homeowner avoiding the exorbitant costs of a solar system installation company. Our engineers have extensive global industry experience and can design any complete solar system for residential or commercial applications. With years in business we know what it takes to succeed in the competitive solar industry. We also understand the daily demands of your business and how purchasing a renewable energy system can be a confusing process and a substantial outlay. This is why we offer you the best value for Solar Panels and deliver the products you need on time. Call your personal account manager in Sol First today for your wholesale solar pallet price.

  • Affordable Solar selects top brands from manufactures that produce the most robust modules for on-grid and o-grid applications.
  • Our preferred manufacturers guarantee solar modules that meet the highest quality industry standards, enforce 25-year warranties and offer uncompromising value to our customers.



  • Creation of planning and documentation, technical data sheets, etc.
  • Building site management.
  • Supervision and coordination of all components and trades.
  • Cost and time management.
  • Bringing into service of the PV power plant to the grid.
  • Acceptance tests.
  • Builder´s diary.

-Mechanical & Electrical Installations.

-Civil Works & Land Leveling.

-MV / HV Substation Integration.

-System Integration.

-Testing & Commissioning.

-Quality Assurance & Quality Control.

-Safety Control.


Operation & Maintenance


Maintenance is key to sustaining a strong, properly functioning, efficient and effective structure. Unlike generators which are composed of moving components, requiring repair or replacement, solar panels do not have moving parts that can rust or breakdown.

  • Description of all relevant technical and local conditions of the project.
  • Description and cyclical display of all relevant data from the PV facility via a data logger and compared to local weather data on-site.
  • Evaluation of current information for realistic evaluation of the current energy yield thereby enabling early detection of defects in yield.
  • Preventive Maintenance.
  • Active and continuous supervision of facilities via comprehensive analysis functions.
  • Freely configurable evaluation and alarm systems.
  • Archiving and description of all commercially and technically relevant data and key figures.
  • Detailed inspections and controlling measurements taken on-site, also enabling early detection and correction of problems that could cause a drop in yield or failures. Ex: Benchmark measurements, measurement using infrared spectroscopy.

Testing & Commissioning


We have a successful & clear Testing Procedures for the system according to the worldwide standards. Our team performs the commissioning and integration process of the solar systems with Low/Medium/High voltage networks.

  • Testing electrical system Installation and operation
  • Testing mechanical system installation and performance
  • Testing system performance benchmarked to STC
  • Grounding testing
  • Thermal inspection testing