Linuo Group

Linuo Solar Lightening, Eco-agriculture, Monitoring System, Household Power System. Linuo Group is a pioneer enterprise in the solar energy industry and currently scales over ¥10 billion.

Linuo Solar Lightening, Eco-agriculture, Monitoring System, Household Power System.


Linuo Group started its development from a small-scaled factory in 1994 to produce pharmaceutical packing glass. Benefiting from China’s scientific development strategy, the support from cooperative partners and all personnel’s intelligence, Linuo Group has developed itself to become a pioneer enterprise in the solar energy industry and currently scales over ¥10 billion. Making a contribution to our nation, creating wealth for society, seeking higher profits for the enterprise, and planning the personnel’s development is Linuo’s vision. Linuo is growing fast to become an international group enterprise. All these awards and titles, such as National High-tech Enterprise, National Center of Enterprise Technology, National Residence Industrialization Base, and Jinan Solar-related Industrial Base of National Torch Plan, embody Linuo Group’s achievements, influences, as well as its great contributions to our nation and society.


In order to share the benefits from development with all of its staff, Linuo Group began to implement “The Fourth Five Plan” in 2010, and advanced the development thought – “Transfer Linuo from a traditional enterprise to a technology-orientated enterprise in 2014”. Besides, it reorganized into eight sub-groups allocated by industrial sectors, so as to follow the internationalization strategy. These sub-groups are: Linuo Power, LinuoParadigma, Xinkang Group, Linuo Photo-thermal, Hongjitang Group, Linuo Glassworks, Linuo Pharmaceutical, and Shanghai Group. Linuo strives to master the most advanced technologies in related industrial chains, which shows Linuo’s long-lasting innovative mind and thoughts of international cooperation. Linuo has built its solar research institute, PV research institute, biological project research institute, Hongjitang TCM research institute, organic chemistry research institute, and special glass research institute. Through all these institutes’ establishments, Linuo has become a large incubator of new technologies and inventions, which is the key to success in all competitions. To hold intellectual property rights on solar energy and the building integration, medium-temperature heat tube (collector), solar cell photo-electricity conversion efficiency, “A-class” pharmaceutical packages, and TT negative electrophoretic coating, represents the highest level of technology and a most advanced development trend in related industries. Linuo also carries out many projects of National Torch Plan. Linuo has established cooperation with many Top 500 enterprises from all over the world, such as JSJ, BASF, SIEMENS, OSRAM, Honeywell, MEMC, IBM, Dow, Philips, and so on. Most advanced facilities, shared information, international strategic outlook, and a client-orientated attitude are Linuo’s advantages in this cooperation; and Linuo has the common development philosophy, environmental-friendly thoughts, innovation & creation as well as the complete vocational system. All these factors enable Linuo to become a partner of these giant enterprises, to commit together to improve the environment, benefit staff and avail clients.


    To shoulder social responsibilities with a grateful mind is Linuo’s development motto, so as to build a harmonious relationship between the enterprise and the society. Steady, creative, international, open, equal, and a global thought on employment guarantee Linuo’s personnel to have a professional mind on business and an international vision. To be grateful to our nation and make a contribution to society is the key factor to get respect from all sides and cognition from employees. Linuo Group is willing to work together with all other new energy enterprises to make more contributions for the advancement of China’s energy-saving and environmental-friendly industries.